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WarningSunkist Park is a safe neighborhood, and we are working together with the Culver City Police Department (CCPD) to keep it that way. Neighborhood Watch is a program focused on ensuring that all residents are familiar with the many services the police department provides, are aware of the basics of protecting their home and property, know their neighbors, and are familiar with the various methods for reporting problems to the police if they are a witness to or victim of a crime.

We encourage all residents of Sunkist Park to report any suspicious activities or unfortunate incidents that occur, because the police cannot help us unless they know what is going on. The police are grateful for our participation. They see residents as essential "eyes and ears" for them, with observations not infrequently leading to the apprehension of criminals. They welcome the reports we make and accept phone reporting and in-person reporting for our convenience.

If you have questions about neighborhood watch or other related items, please contact CCPD’s Crime Prevention Officer:

Lt. Allen Azran
Culver City Police Department



Upcoming Events

Hi Sunkist Park Neighbors:

The waiting is over. Here are the details for our first Neighborhood Watch Meeting:

WHEN: Wednesday, May 21, 2014
TIME: 7:00PM

GUEST SPEAKER: Scott Bixby, Chief of Police, Culver City Police Department

Lt. Emery Eccles (CCPD) will also be on hand to provide us with an overview of crime statistics in Sunkist Park.

FREE RAFFLE (Great Prizes)
Refreshments will be served

Chip Netzel



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Did You Know

The area surrounding what is now El Marino School was annexed in 1949 as the Overland-Mesmer Annexation, listed as the 9th piece of the puzzle that became Culver City. More...